It is a difficult task to find the right service provider to analyse the positioning of your website in search engines and provide a meaningful audit report.

On one hand, you have SEO and web design agencies that generally offer low value free audits, in exchange for an e-mail address, and on the other hand, reputable agencies and SEO consultants that charge several thousands for such service.

In the middle, there are freelancers based abroad. The same people that call or email you 20 times a week and try to undercut the prices to attract customers. You can also use platforms like Fiverr to order such an SEO audit…

Do you really think that such options are going to provide you with an in-depth actionnable SEO report ?

What is a fair price for an audit ?

You’ve heard about the importance of optimising a website and running an SEO campaign. It is a critical factor to accelerate your business’ growth. You then want to be accompanied by an experienced provider. Unfortunately during your research, you notice very disparate pricing.

How much does an seo audit cost?

The answer to the question “How much does an SEO audit cost?” is similar to many others in the field of SEO: it depends. You should know that the rate varies between a few hundred to several thousand dollars. How to explain such a difference? First, let’s see the difference between a basic SEO audit and a comprehensive SEO audit.

The cost of a basic SEO audit

The price of a basic SEO audit varies between 250$ and 2,000$ or more depending on the size of the website. If you want to get a detailed enough report to help you improve your rankings in search results, forget about any kind of offers below 400$, as well as free online audits.

Performing a quality Google SEO audit requires the use of paid tools, and you will inevitably bear some of the costs. An overly attractive price suggests that the SEO consultant either does not use the necessary tools to perform the service and only charges for his analysis time or is simply happy to communicate the results of the paid tools without any meaningful analysis and only charges for the software subscriptions.

A basic SEO audit focuses on the following points:

  • technical analysis and website architecture ;
  • keyword analysis ;
  • content analysis ;
  • online popularity and backlinks.

At the end of the examination of your website, the service provider submits a report that includes the various points of improvement identified as well as the ways to implement them. This service does not include any help for the execution of the SEO recommendations. It is perfectly suitable for companies that have an in-house marketing staff capable of handling the SEO duties, but this staff should already be capable of producing such a report don’t you think?

Auditing a Website involves leaving no stones unturned!

The price of a comprehensive SEO audit

The price of a complete SEO study fluctuates between 2 500 $ and 20 000 $, sometimes more depending on the complexity of the website and the niche you are operating in. The difference with a basic audit is explained by the level of analysis your website will receive.

Using the services of an SEO agency implies receiving an exhaustive search engine optimisation audit report, which is on average at least 50 pages long. Why such a voluminous report? Because it takes up point by point each element to be improved on each of your key pages and the actions to be taken to optimise your positioning in Google.

Each recommendation will be prioritised and your SEO person will implement it himself, if this service is included in the offer. If you decide to hire us for this task, we will send you a report that is as clear as possible so that you can make the recommended changes yourself. However, we will be happy to help you implement them in order to save you time and guarantee a perfect optimisation of your website.

The SEO auditor will need access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to properly review your website.

Our SEO audit services

You have one or more sites and want to optimize performances for, in order to increase your conversion and sales?

You know that SEO is complex, slower than buying ads (AdWords), but that it is a very profitable investment in the medium-long term.

OK, but you find it difficult to follow everything, even if you read our blog or browse the various SEO forums or communities available online. You don’t have the time to train yourself and need a senior SEO consultant to take charge of your strategy and correct your SEO mistakes.

Then you’ve come to the right place!

SEO consulting services

We provide two main services here:

  • Express response to your SEO problems

In 1 or more hours, I answer the specific questions you might have. You will save a lot of time (and therefore money) by asking an SEO expert like me to analyze your problem and find solutions.

It’s very easy to set up (Skype, phone, email…), so take advantage of it now!

  • SEO coaching

From a few months to a few years, I can also accompany you on all SEO fronts. This is usually the phase that follows an audit, but we can also consider it from the beginning.

I ensure a follow-up, reporting, alerts, advice to make sure your SEO strategy grows the right way.

Our SEO audit modules

Totally customised reports, we have been performing audits since 2013, when we first launched our professional services. This service is made of different modules, adapted to your needs.

Here are the main modules I perform for our clients:

– General audit

The general audit is made up of at least an e-marketing audit (study of strategic keywords, your positioning, your exploitation of the long tail keywords, your visibility, your main competitors, etc.) and a technical audit (very detailed study of all the technical elements of your site that are not optimal for SEO). You will get a detailed list of optimisation recommendations to make on your site. Find more about it

– Content audit

In 2022 and beyond, it will become very hard to rank your website if your content is not top notch, properly optimised and in par with what Google wants to show to its users for the search query you are targeting! We provide comprehensive content audit reports with a focus on duplicate content (internal and external), keyword search intent, keyword density on your top pages as well as the proper use of LSI and long tail terms. Find more about our content audits

– Offsite audit

Several strategies are available here, from the analysis of the backlinks profile of your site compared to your competitors, to the analysis of “wasted” backlink opportunities, as well as the recovery of backlinks ideas found by your competitors… Learn more about backlinks

– Audit of your artificial backlinks/ Toxic link removal / Disavow

Whether it’s the manual penalty imposed by Google or its algorithmic counterpart (Penguin), the objective of this audit is to help you decide which backlinks to ignore by Google and Bing. Many clients take this audit as a preventive measure, to avoid having to deal with the problem too late (when the penalty is there). Read more about this

– Website speed audit

Google loves fast Websites. This is logical because Internet users also prefer pages that load quickly… This audit will list the technical problems that slow down your Website the most. We might recommend moving over to a better quality host ! Learn more about it

– Google Search Console audit

This interface dedicated to webmasters and SEOs has become essential to properly configure, monitor and optimise your SEO campaigns in Google. We perfectly know Google Search Console (GSC) and offer to study the current configuration of your account, to explain you all the reports provided by GSC and to give you advices for the resolution of the errors found by Google. Learn more about GSC

– Google Analytics audit for SEO

You certainly know that it is imperative to have a good audience measurement tool, to know how users behave on your site and to measure the performance of your web marketing actions. If you don’t know how to set up Google Analytics, which main filters or advanced segments to create, how to organise yourself with accounts and views, we can help you with a special SEO-oriented Google Analytics setup audit. Learn more about it

All these SEO audit services are available as standalone products or as part of our comprehensive SEO monthly services! Contact us today to find more and get a quote tailored to your Website and your needs.