Welcome to Search Scope!

My name is Dorian Menard, I am a marketing and automation consultant based in Perth, in beautiful Western Australia.

After beginning a career in traditional “offline” marketing, I discovered Search Engine Marketing in the early 2010’s and fell in love with SEO. I only started digging into search engine optimisation after the notorious Google Penguin update destroyed most of the spammy providers and paved the way for a more quality oriented and holistic approach.

I have been in the Google trenches for more than 8 years now, having worked for several Web agencies in Perth as “the SEO guy” or as a freelance SEO consultant.

I have passion for technical SEO and link building (which tends to scare, or bore a lot of “experts” and is often outsourced). My primary focus as been on local SEO at the start my career, before switching to competitive national affiliate SEO in various cut-throat markets. I love the competition in the search engine results, this what gets me up in the morning!

I have worked (and am still currently working) with many large affiliate players operating in the most competitive online markets such as the Web Hosting industry (Hostinger, Kinsta, OVH, IONOS to name a few), the VPN industry (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Surfshark…), WordPress plugin and services operators and other competitive niches such as the drone and trendy CBD niche!

I founded Search Scope in 2021 as I decided to pivot to local lead generation following a few requests from business owners in my network.

After spending a good year developing a solid system to dominate local searches, I quickly realised that this was the way to go. In a market overcrowded with Web agencies delivering subpar results and clients that have often been burned by previous SEO providers, the lead generation model made a lot of sense to me.

I now mainly work with businesses operating in the technology, media and advertising, real estate and local services industries!

Main benefits of the lead gen model:

  • No upfront SEO campaign spending required
  • No need to wait 6 to 12 months to get leads
  • No need to bother with a consultant speaking about gibberish technical SEO stuff and meaningless data reports
  • Reduce your ad spend and save money

You start getting leads instantly and only pay for qualified ones!

Let’s catch up and strategise together !

Main benefits of AI automation:

  • Automate a wide range of tasks
  • Reduce the stress on you, your managers and team and remove boring tasks!
  • Improve your system and scale
  • Save a lot of money

Core values

I love to grow and empower businesses who are looking to dominate their industry. I am a competitive person and I won’t rest before knowing my clients are getting some true ROI from my online services. I try to explain what I provide and the strategy behind it using easy to understand jargon and won’t burry you under sophisticated and fancy technicalities.

My goal is to get your more qualified leads and customers looking for your services, not to bore you with technical SEO terms, traffic science and Google rankings!

I am all about strategy and delivering results!