Team up with a qualified lead generation and digital marketing agency in Perth!

We use our intensive knowledge of search engines and marketing automation to find future customers in your industry and get them to contact you. We specialise in B2C and B2B lead generation for our clients!

Faced with all types of local professionals having difficulties in finding qualified prospects, Search Scope lead generation experts recently decided to launch a powerful service for our clients. Our expertise and digital know-how are at your disposal so that you can succeed in attracting the maximum number of prospects for your business.

89% of customers begin their buying process with a search while 93% of B2B buying cycles start with an Internet search – Source: Pinpoint Market Research

You’ve been trying to generate leads for your business for days without any success. You’ve tried different methods, but all have failed?

Try Search Scope services and let our team of experts do the hard work for you! We will generate leads for you and send them directly to your email inbox or redirect the phone calls to any of your choosen number. This is all done risk free, as you do not have to pay anything upfront like with a traditionnal SEO campaign! You can focus on what’s important and leave lead generation to us.

Stop struggling and give Search Scope a try today! We will provide you with a risk-free lead generation service that will help your business grow faster than ever before.

How does our lead generation services work?

We identify the most suitable channels for your business and industry to generate quality leads. According to our testing, it is usually done through organic SEO, as it is the most powerful way to drive hot leads to your business.

We launch websites targeting the most important keywords in your industry and generate leads for you after only a few months. Leads generated through organic SEO and Google My Business are the most qualitative and cheapest leads a business can acquire on the Web.

We guarantee our clients exclusive leads and complete transparency in how we generate them.

Whatever your sector of activity or niche, our lead generation agency enables you to receive a list of people interested in your products or services and grow your activity!

What are lead generation services main benefits for our clients:

  • Have you ever teamed up with a Web agency, with expensive upfront costs to get your campaign started, to find out that they weren’t performing the way you expected a couple of months down the line? We rank our own websites and assets and rent them to you or sell you the leads. You only start paying us once you start collecting qualified leads and receiving calls! You no longer have to pay for underperforming campaigns!
  • Improve lead quality and generate more leads. We are experienced and know where to find your potential customers.
  • We start generating leads for your business after 2 to 3 months maximum by leveraging Google My Business and organic search. The process is even quicker if you decide to hire us to generate leads using social media or paid ads!
  • You do not need to bother with technical SEO jargon and gibberish reports. We own the websites and will do everything in our power to generate as many leads as possible for your business. If you are concerned with branding and want more control over your marketing, we can offer you to overtake the branding of our websites at an additional cost!
  • Our lead generation system allows you to reduce ad spending by supplementing it with our lead generation efforts.
  • Boost your revenue and transform your business by teaming up with pros.
  • Eliminate or Reduce Cold Calling and Emailing

Why work with us?

Our consultants go far beyond the simple operational management of your lead generation campaigns. For each our our clients, we add strategic overlays to your digital lead gen campaign to maximise your overall performance, and create a real edge over your competitors.

Our lead generation system explained.

We mainly use organic SEO, Google My Business generation and optimisation, suburb-relevant landing pages, and our secret recipe. We have developed a powerful results-driven lead generation system over the years!

We can also supplement our system with powerful ads on the main search engines and social media websites.

Who can benefit from our services?

We primarily partner with already established B2C companies that operate in a defined service area. Our service is not for brick-and-mortar businesses.

We only team up with established businesses with a good reputation and the ability to easily handle the extra workload and grow with us. You need to have an efficient lead conversion system in place to maximise the conversions! It often starts with your receptionist or the person handling the calls and inquiries. This requires proper lead management!

Unfortunately, we do not work with start-ups, sorry!

We are lead generation experts specialising in lead gen through the following platforms.

Google Search

Organic search is our favourite way to generate high-quality leads in your industry! With over 90% market share, we believe it is an essential medium.

Google My Business

GMBs are the single most powerful way to drive qualified traffic and generate calls for local businesses operating in a service area! We have been optimising and ranking GMB profiles for a while and have developed a robust system allowing us to leverage the 3 packs.

Google Adwords

Generate highly qualified leads with Google Adwords and boost your sales in no time!

Bing & Yahoo Ads

Despite having less market share and traffic, Bing and Yahoo are powerful search engines that are often underestimated! Depending on your niche, we might recommend using them.

Facebook Ads

Let’s generate leads together on the world’s No 1 social network!


Are you a professional evolving in a B2B environment? Then you should consider leveraging LinkedIn as part of your lead generation and acquisition system!


Who said email marketing was dead? It is still a very qualitative channel when used correctly!

Native advertising or remarketing

Remarketing is very powerful tool. We call it the art of showing your ad in the right place, at the right time, on the right platform, and to the right customer!

Our proven formula for lead generation in Perth and Australia 

During our first meeting, we will ask you several questions about your business and the average cost of your services. We will try to know as much as possible about your industry and the potential keywords driving the most traffic for your activity. We also ask about the suburbs and areas you service if you are a local business.

We work on a percentage basis and ask our clients for a fixed % of the sales they generate through our services. Some lead generation agencies use a cost-per-lead system and charge by the number of phone calls generated. 

While this system is usually fairer for web agencies, this model creates several issues for clients that are generally bothered by the odd marketing call and might not close every lead and job. We found that this system usually works best for our clients.

The main techniques for generating qualified leads in B2B are search engine optimisation (14%), email marketing (13%) and social media (12%) – Source: Prospectr marketing

How do we track the leads generated?

We use Twilio software and phone numbers on our websites and track everything from a Twilio dashboard. We get a log of every call made and even record them for future reference. Twilio allows us to easily forward the calls to any of our partner’s phone numbers and helps with monthly reporting.

We also generate leads through our website’s contact forms which can easily be forwarded to any of your company emails.

The process summarised

  • We create a complete system to attract and convert your ideal clients.
  • Explode your number of internet generated leads and stop cold calling
  • We give you access to a personalised marketing system that will generate qualified visitors and convert them into leads that want to talk to you and buy your services.
  • There will be no more need to market to companies or potential customers who have not solicited your services or to send out massive emails that end up in a spam box.
  • Faster than content marketing or inbound marketing and more predictive
  • The targeting capabilities of an organic search campaign or an advertising campaign via Google, LinkedIn or Facebook make it easy to find your prospects and capture leads.

It has never been easier to get qualified traffic than on the Web today!

A customised, holistic marketing system!

Our team of experts will take care of your communication to increase the number of contacts and prospects for your company and make your call centre explode.

Our lead generation process explained

1- Definition of goals

We study your business and define your short, medium and long-term objectives.

2- Analysis of your industry

We analyse your industry and advise you on opportunities for growth and qualified lead generation.

3- Implementation of the strategy

We launch our campaign and start generating leads for your business within a few weeks or months, depending on the channel you select. You pay nothing until you receive your first qualified lead!

4- Reporting

We support you with a monthly follow-up of your campaign’s performance and report on the sales generated by our actions. It is done very easily using Twilio tools!

Our lead generation specialists results

On average, our clients receive 10 to 50 qualified leads per month!

Here is an example of the results of a client (local plumber). Before our collaboration, this client did not generate any leads with his website.

Since the start of the collaboration, the number of new leads has increased steadily, from 0 to 10 leads per month, to 20 leads per month, and finally to 45 per month, in only three months of collaboration.

Our guarantees 

We ensure that our clients receive the best possible lead generation service following our agency’s best practices and values.

Each lead we generate for our clients is EXCLUSIVE and only sold ONCE.

Each generated lead is passed on to you in real-time or at the end of the day, as you choose. We focus on generating qualified leads.

Our experts regularly and thoroughly monitor your campaigns to ensure you get the best possible results.

We do not use dodgy techniques or forced acquisition methods in our agency to guarantee prospects with a genuine interest and identified need.

We build long-term, trusting partnerships with our clients. It is essential for effective and profitable lead generation campaigns.

Contact us today to talk to your lead generation specialists!