seo case study sept 2022 SAB local services

Case study, local SEO, and lead generation for a SAB (Service Area Business). This client approached us as they were looking to get more out of their digital marketing campaign and assets and wanted to dominate their local service area.

Key data:


increase in SERP visibility


increase in GMB visibility


increase in client leads!

Project overview:

Our client is a local service business operating as a SAB, which stands for Service Area Business. They do not have a physical store and service most of the Perth metro area.

Before working with us, they had been running their website for over 8 years and struggled with their online marketing ROI due to being in a slightly competitive local market.

Their problem and the challenges faced

They needed to rank higher for their primary keywords, but the website mainly needed to be optimised and rank for more high converting long tail keywords. Their business location was not ideal (not central, inside Perth metro area), and they needed to get more out of their GMBs and map optimisation.

The client was not performing well in Google My Business, partly due to their offices being located near Rockingham

Their website ranked top 3 for their primary keywords, but their Maps presence was not good (as seen in the heatmap above). According to our first analysis, they were also ranking for exact match keywords (position 3 to 5 on average), which were not driving many conversions.

Our analysis of the situation

Here is what our in-depth audit returned for this client:

The website needed to be optimised overall (architecture, content, and loading speed).

The content needed to be optimised for the following things >

They also needed the following >

  • Long tail high converting keywords
  • Near me searches
  • North and South of the river searches
  • Suburb-related searches (ex: keyword + Burswood)
  • Content optimisation for hyperlocal searches
  • Blog content optimisation to push local relevancy
  • A better Maps presence throughout the Perth metro area
  • Boost their GMBs with quality reviews
  • Local and niche relevant links

How did we solve this puzzle?

Website optimisation, architecture, content upgrade and GMB optimisation

– We recommended moving their website to a fast Perth-based Litespeed host to improve loading speeds

– We used our in-house magic and blueprint to optimise the website by focusing on the following: local keyword research, on-page optimisation accordingly, internal linking, as well as niche and blog content creation.

– We created “near me” and “suburb pages” for the top Perth suburbs as well as “North of the River” and “South of the River” landing pages to list all the relevant suburbs targeted.

– Created unique content for every page variation to boost rankings.

– We used our in-house magic to get the client 8 new GMB locations verified throughout the Perth metro area, targeting the top suburbs and nearby areas in a grid domination style.

– We optimised all these new GMBs and linked them to the relevant suburb pages creating “hub” area pages.

– Used our secret sauce to rank these new GMBs.

– Once these listings were up and running, we used one of our in-house tools to set up an email campaign targeting existing customers in each area and asking them to rate their client satisfaction with their experience on a scale of 1 to 5. The software automatically sends clients willing to leave a 5-star review to the GMB listing or asks them to “tell us more” about why they did not leave a 5-star review and sends an email to the customer’s client support in case of a review lower than 4 stars.

– We built a mix of quality local and niche-related links to most of these suburb pages.

Our Results

– Increase of 235% in website impressions, organic traffic, and clicks!

– This was thanks to a ranking increase across the board, with top spots secured for the primary exact match keywords

– And a massive increase of traffic and calls from the new GMB profiles created throughout the Perth metro area > 3350% overall across 9 GMB locations and profiles!

Client’s Maps rankings after 6 months of campaign
This is just 1 of the 9 GMB analytics – 7752% increase in Total Views and 9300% increase in actions taken in 4-5 months!

The increase in most of the website traffic metrics, combined with the added quality content and a robust user experience, led to the increase in the number of leads by 565%, thus improving the client’s conversion rate and customer engagement rate.

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